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Psychotherapy, sometimes referred to as counseling, is a treatment process in which the patient meets with me on a scheduled basis to discuss areas of concern to better understand the sources of those issues and symptoms. While most people have at least some knowledge of the conscious and most apparent source of their problems, quite typically, the underlying or unconscious sources are unknown. Instead, one experiences symptoms of one form or another as expressions of those underlying issues, depression, anxiety, or unhappiness, while sometimes blaming oneself or even others in one’s life for those difficulties.


I am a board-certified clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst trained in the practice of psychotherapy. If you choose psychotherapy treatment with me, you will meet with me once or twice a week for 45-minute sessions. During these sessions, we will work to understand the sources of your issues while developing ways to resolve those situations to alleviate your symptoms. The duration of treatment varies, but typically from six months to 3-5 years is necessary for most people to achieve a good resolution of their difficulties.

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